Little cuties
Puppies are now 3 weeks old. Their eyes have opened at about two weeks of age and they are now hearing normally too. To be sure that they both have bilateral hearing we will get them hearing tested at about 7 weeks old.

Puppies are also standing and moving on their legs now, altough they drop on their tush now and again, sometimes from a pretty good speed :). They are playing much more now and it's the cutiest scenery possible to watch them swing their paws towards other, like in some slow speed movie, and mouthing each others paw or ear. Teeth are not in the picture yet, altough I can feel the tiny edges of little spikes in their mouths.

The first deworming has been done with a sticky paste drug that is injected in their mouths. In this week we will also start introducing them to food with minced meat.

Oh, and their names... With those star eyes their names are Rosebay Superstar (blue) and Rosebay Shining Star (Red) :)