When the going gets rough...
Puppies are now almost 5 weeks old and starting to like solid food. Untill now they have just tasted a mouthfull daily, but now they ate a few mouthfulls today. Supa has also started to breastfeed them shorter times and slightly more rarely. Their puppyteeth are also big and sharp enough now to really hurt when they try them at anything they can.

The few steps in the terrace were too much for the puppies few days ago, but now they are going up and down just for fun. The plantings in the garden are also getting their share when the puppies try everything out with their mouths. Metallic waterbowl gets re-placed several times a day too now. The little ones drink water now nicely, which is good with this weather. Today the meter showed 32 celsius degrees in the shade...

Supa is playing with her children daily. It's fun to see how she enjoys those moments and how well she takes care of her puppies :). Few new pics are on the pictures page of the puppies.

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