Time to leave the nest
Puppies have now left the nest. Elli (in the picture) went to City of Turku and Trilli (red) went to City of Oulu. Good luck and plenty of success for the new puppy owners!

DLA diversity test results are still coming for the puppies, for their father "Rocky" and for Topi. Then all the tests are done. Both puppies had normal hearing in BAER test and from PRCD-PRA tests both had PRA: A status. Also there are from both puppies samples in Canine DNA-bank.

We also went to do some herding in Kuttukuu's goat- and sheepfarm, where they organize AHBA:s herding trials once a year, the only place in Finland to do that. We tried out the JHD test with puppies' mom Supa and she did great. She is such a talented herder, and she knows just what to do, sometimes despite not that talented owner :). So Supa now has JHD title also, which means Junior Herding Dog. Huuray Supa! There would be some chances to train more herding this year still, we have to see if we can make it.

There is possibility for DLA grouptesting for cattle dogs until 28.8.2011. If You are interested, more information can be found (in Finnish) from here.

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