Five wonderful years
Topi turns five years old today. His family are relatively long-lasting, so Topi is not yet even middle-aged compared to them. Time flies when you have fun and with Topi we do. We have even started a new hobby, when we tried out herding with him. Next summer we are going to practice some more.

Topi's son Jeppe got together with Katla and possible cattle dog babies are expected at kennel Lebensberuf. You can check more information and videos about Jeppe from his own page.

Last year had both great joy and sadness. In people's world sadness, because of sudden loss of family member and in the dog world great joy, because of Supa's puppies. Supa also got new herding title and Topi got to feel how herding tastes like.

For this year we have not planned much for the dog world. We are not very likely to have any puppies this year. Because of my new job we are going to plan our hobbies more weekend oriented. We are investing in herding, now with both dogs. Suitable herding places are far enough, that we can't make there and back in one evening. We have to almost always spend the night there, so weekends are perfect this way.
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