Herding summer has begun
We found a new herding place near Turku, so now we can go learn herding going only to daytrip instead of previous overnight visits, Yippee! -We have already been there few times with both Topi and Supa. I ment to go to Kuopio also this week, but unfortunately I got ill just that time. Hopefully we can make it there this summer though, I'm very interested about the new herding competition rules (FCI approved herding rules).
Topi and Supa seem to have slightly different herding styles. Supa seems to be naturally "driving herder", who doesn't always understand why I want her to sometimes go round and round the herd more that is needed. Topi on the other hand seems to be a "collecting herder" who naturally goes round and round the herd, keeping the flock tightly around me. So, with Supa I plan to train a bit more flanks, and with Topi I think we will have to focuse a bit more to driving the herd straight, so that the herd is not unnesessarily stopped because Topi needs to keep the flock tightly and neetly around me :). The most difficult thing is to learn how to guide the dogs right. The more I learn, the more I realise how little I understand. I think learning this takes a lifetime, for a citygirl like me at least :)

Both Topi and Supa are now PLL-tested, which means Primary lens luxation test. Both were free of this genetically heritable decease.
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