Puppy Plans
A coldish summer has flown past, while I have trained with the dogs. I have again learned so much more about the dogs and myself during the training. I love Supa's great working attitude. Because her previous puppies seem to grow up as wonderful working dogs as well, I want to breed her one more time. So, fall/winter litter is expected!

The father of the future litter will be Topi's son Jeppe, whose wonderful nature will complement Supa's character. I'm expecting co-operative puppies with great working spirit from this litter. In the picture left Jeppe is kissing eminently nice judge in a dog show :). Both parents of the future litter have open nature.

Puppies from Supa's previous litter have grown to adult sizes. Although Trilli is training a lot of different sports with her owner, they had time to go dog show as well, with the result of CAC and BOB! - Congratulations to Trilli and Marja!
Elli is now starting an agility course with her owners and they will try to continue searching as well. I hope a lot of success to Anna-Riikka and Juho for their efforts to train in different sports with Elli, great job so far :).