Puppy confirmation
We went to the vet with Supa and they did an ultrasound exam on her. Several puppies are coming! Future mother doesn't care about the news yet, although the morning sickness Supa has had almost for a week now, suggested that there is something on the way... It has been kind of funny when such a greedy dog just stares at the bowl of food and doesn't want to eat in the mornings. Good thing though, that in the afternoons her appetite comes back to normal...

Outside Supa acts normally for the time being. A very special place is an old nesting hole that hasn't had anybody living there for a few years now. It gets still checked carefully everytime - just in case... And of course it's really fun to race Topi to the hole everytime. :)

Owner marches to the nearest hardware store in this month to buy some plywood. From that it's good to build a puppybox where it's good for the puppies to grow for their few first weeks. Nice new padding could be nice for the puppies as well and new toys is a must, and, and... Even though Supa doesn't have yet a nesting drive, owner sure does have it...
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