Ch Teddee's Hillhaven Blue Opal PT RN CGC TDI

This bitch made a huge impression to me when I was picking up Topi from the breeder. Already then I told the breeder, that I would like to get in to the puppy waiting list from Opal, if possible.

Opal has 3 litters, all puppies have bilateral hearing.
The breeder, Louanne, told me, that Opal has been solely trained and presented by their daughter Amelia, from the age of 8-years old. Amelia has gained to Opal titles in dog shows, rally and herding. She has also trained Opal to be therapy dog and Opal has a Canine Good Citicen-title also.

Louanne told me, that Opal has great desire to work, she is obedient, wilfull and wants to please, but she is also determined. About Opal´s determination; altough Opal doesn´t start fights Louanne is sure, that in case Opal thought that she has to defend herself, she would definetily be the winner of that fight.

Teddee´s Hillhaven Blue Opal PT RN CGC TDI
Opal in Raly competition Opal herding with Amelia

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